This app is free, currently at version 1.0, and requires an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher.
Find nearby offers

The app will show you where you are and what Qard offers are available nearby. It can even route you to a nearby venue.

Qard screenshot
Qard screenshot
Venue info

Get a feel for the venue and see what offers are available. You can add the venue to your favourites, get a route to it and redeem the offer itself rigth from your phone.

Redeem offers on the go

Whenever you're at a venue which has Qard offers, just redeem them right then and there using your phone. Just show your phone when you pay.

Qard screenshot
Qard screenshot

Discover new venues by browsing through them in the Qard app. Find something new every day.


Keep track of your favourite venues for easy access to new offers and instant redeeming.

Qard screenshot

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