VLC iRemote

This app is currently at version 4, and requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or higher.
All your playback controls

VLC iRemote supports the standard playback controls (play, pause, seek, volume, fullscreen, etc.), in addition it has a handy "rewind 30 sec" button for those moments when you've missed what has just happened--just go back with 1 tap. The rewind and fast-forward controls are intelligent as well: single tapping makes them work like previous/next buttons, and holding them down makes them work as rewind/fast-forward buttons; just as you'd expect.

VLC iRemote screenshot
VLC iRemote screenshot

With the built in file browser, there's no need to get up and select a movie on your computer anymore. If you're lying in bed or sitting on your sofa, stay there! Now you can get to any media file on your computer, including all your external hard drives and network drives, and simply start playing it from within the app with the intuitive and easy to use file browser. Not only can you play a movie by tapping on it (not just a movie, any file you like), you can also enqueue it and add it to the playlist by pressing and holding. It will start playing automatically after the current item. Super handy if you're watching a bunch of TV shows, or a movie that comes in two parts.


At any time you can see your playlist right within the app. You can add and delete items. You can start playing another file. You can change the shuffle, loop and repeat modes. You can even browse your VLC media library right within the app. It also shows you which item is currently playing so you know where in the playlist you are.

VLC iRemote screenshot
VLC iRemote screenshot
Automatic library discovery

The app will automatically discover every properly configured VLC player on your network. You can download our little setup tool that will automatically configure VLC on your computer for you. You can get it at goonbee.com/vlc

Advanced controls

Control everything there is to control in VLC: aspect ration, audio track, audio delay, subtitle track, subtitle delay, equaliser, playback speed, even take snapshots.

VLC iRemote screenshot
VLC iRemote screenshot
Beautiful Skins

You get 11 beautiful skins with the app so you can customize it to look just the way you want it. You can even choose a different skin for each library. Skins include: Leather, Wood, Posh Stone, Mosaic, Carbon Fiber, Brushed Metal, and many more.


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