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This app is free, currently at version 1.0, and requires an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which machines can be woken remotely?

Any machine which has support for Wake On Lan (WOL). All modern Macs and almost all modern PCs support this, both desktops and laptops.


Does my computer have to be on stand-by or can I wake it even if it is fully off?

PCs and Macs connected using a wired connection can be woken from any state, including completely off. Macs connected using a wireless connection need to be in standby mode to support remote waking. PCs with wireless connections cannot be woken.


How can I check if my machine has support for WOL?

You need to find out which network card (NIC) you have installed in your machine, and then refer to the manual/support pages on whether WOL is supported, most should.


Do I need to enable WOL or is it enabled by default?

Most computers have it enabled by default. The easiest way to check on a desktop PC is to turn the computer off and have a look around the back to see if there are blinking lights coming from the network card. On Macs, check your energy saver preferences for an option called "Wake for network access", it should be checked.


How can I wake a machine that is connected to the same network as my phone?

You just need the machine's MAC address.


What is a MAC address and how do I find it?

A MAC address is a way for computers to be able to identify each other over the network. The easiest way to find it is to use our Wifi Scanner app; it will give you the MAC addresses for all machines connected to your network. Alternatively you can...

Mac OS
System Preferences > Network > Choose either Airport or Ethernet (choose whichever you connect to the internet with) > Advanced...

If you chose Airport: Look for "Airport ID"
If you chose Ethernet: Click on the Ethernet tab and then look for "Ethernet ID"

Go to START > RUN > type "cmd" (without the quotes) and click OK > type "IPCONFIG /ALL" and hit Enter.

It will list a bunch of stuff, the numbers next to "Physical Address" is what you need.
If there is more than one network card on your computer, choose the Physical Address of the card which you use to connect to the internet. Try and guess which from the headings. Hint: it can't be one that says "Media disconnected".


How can I wake a machine irrespective of which network the phone is connected to?

You need to configure a machine in the app for "Internet Mode".


What is Internet Mode?

Normally, you can only wake machines which are on the same network as your iPhone/iPod Touch (assuming it is connected with Wifi). To wake machines on different networks (e.g. if you are not at home and therefore not connected to your home Wifi network), you need to enable Internet Mode.


What do I need to do to make a machine work with Internet Mode?

You need to forward a port and get the public IP for the router.


How do I get the public IP address?

This is your router's IP. You can find this by going to www.ipchicken.com from any computer on your home network.


How do I forward a port?

You need to forward a port on your router for each computer you want to wake remotely. For each computer on your home network that you want to wake remotely, you need to forward a separate port. Each router is different; for instructions for your specific router, check out www.portforward.com. The protocol you need to forward is UDP. The public port (aka external or internet port) can be anything you like but has to be unique for each computer on your network, remember what you set here as this is what you need for the app. The private port (aka internal or local port) can be anything you like (on some routers you only get to choose the private port, this is fine). Your router will also ask you which computer you want to forward the port to, if you are lucky you will get a list, otherwise you need to find your computer's "local ip address". You can find your local ip address on reglos.de/myaddress/ (if that doesn't work, google for "find my local ip").


Can I have some machines set up for internet mode, and some for local mode?



The app crashes when I ...

Please send us an email on support@goonbee.com describing what causes the crash and we will do our best to get the issue resolved ASAP.


I would love to see feature X in the app.

Send us an email on support@goonbee.com, we consider all suggestions and try to include the valuable ones in future updates. We really appreciate feedback from our users!