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This app is currently at version 1, and requires an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 5.0 or higher.
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Mac: 1.1, Win: 1.0

Setup Checklist

Install the latest version of the helper.

Make sure the helper is running.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking incoming connections on UDP port 47772.

Make sure your iDevice is connected to the same network (and subnet) as your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions


I updated the app and it stopped working.

Download the latest version of the helper. We might have upgraded our network protocol.


Do I need to have Bonjour, Zeroconf, Avahi, etc. installed on my machine?

No, the app can discover any computer without requiring any services to be running on it. Just make sure the helper is running.


What happens if my computer's IP address changes?

Nothing, the app is intelligent enough to know which computer is which, even if you change your IP or your computer's hostname.


What happens if my computer is connected to a network with DHCP enabled?

The app won't miss a beat, it knows exactly which computer is which irrespective of its IP address.


How does the app's scanning algorithm work?

Top secret.


What does the helper do exactly?

It runs on your computer in the background and waits for connections from your iDevice. Once a device connects, it passed on the commands you make on the iDevice to the host operating system.


The app crashes when I ...

Please send us an email on describing what causes the crash and we will do our best to get the issue resolved ASAP.


I would love to see feature X in the app.

Send us an email on, we consider all suggestions and try to include the valuable ones in future updates. We really appreciate feedback from our users!