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This app is currently at version 4, and requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 6.0 or higher.

Setup Checklist

Make sure you've installed the latest version of VLC and ran it at least once.

Make sure you have run the latest setup tool.

Make sure your firewall is not blocking incoming connections to VLC (specifically on TCP port 8080).

Make sure your phone is connected to the same network as your computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The setup tool reports an error.

Make sure you a) have the latest VLC installed, b) have run it at least once, and c) that you are using the latest setup tool.


The setup tool "found the .hosts file but can't touch it because it's locked".

If you're on windows, make sure you run the setup tool with administrator privileges. Right click on the program icon and then click on "run as..." and select an administrator account. If you're on another OS or that doesn't work, try restarting your computer.


The setup tool ran successfully but my iPhone still can't connect.

Get your computer's local IP address, e.g. or Then on your iPhone, open Safari and go to (make sure to substitute for your own IP address). If you get a bunch of numbers and strange words, contact us on support@goonbee.com. If the page fails to load, then it means you haven't configured VLC correctly.


I installed the latest version of VLC and the app stopped working.

Run the setup tool again. And make sure you're using the latest setup tool, especially if it's been a while since you last downloaded it.


Do I need to have Bonjour, Zeroconf, Avahi, etc. installed on my machine?

No, the app can discover any computer without requiring any services to be running on it. Just make sure VLC is configured properly. Having one of these services running on your computer does however let the app discover your computer's hostname so you won't see an IP address in the app, but you can change that anyway.


What happens if my computer's IP address changes?

Nothing, the app is intelligent enough to know which computer is which, even if you change your IP or your computer's hostname.


What happens if my computer is connected to a network with DHCP enabled?

The app won't miss a beat, it knows exactly which computer is which irrespective of its IP address.


Will the app still find my computer if my firewall has enabled stealth mode and doesn't respond to ping/ICMP?

Yeah, our app uses a very clever scanning algorithm that doesn't get fooled by firewalls. Just make sure your VLC is configured correctly by running the setup tool. Your firewall does however need to allow a connection to VLC otherwise even though the app knows about your computer, it still won't be able to connect to VLC itself.


How does the app's scanning algorithm work?

Top secret.


What does the setup tool do exactly?

It changes a setting inside VLC to enable the http interface, and it modifies VLC's .hosts file to allow your phone to use the http interface.


The app crashes when I ...

Please send us an email on support@goonbee.com describing what causes the crash and we will do our best to get the issue resolved ASAP.


I would love to see feature X in the app.

Send us an email on support@goonbee.com, we consider all suggestions and try to include the valuable ones in future updates. We really appreciate feedback from our users!