Wifi Network Scanner

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This app is free, currently at version 1.0, and requires an iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4.2 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which machines does the app detect?

Anything that is switched on and connected to the local network which you are scanning on and that doesn't have ping disabled will be detected. This includes computers, game consoles, routers, smartphones, and many more devices.


Some machines that I know are on the network are not being detected.

This could be because a firewall is blocking the ping packets, however on local networks this should be a rare case. The machine also (usually) needs to be switched on to be detected.


The app detects machines which are off/sleeping/hibernating.

Some modern computers keep the network link live even while they are switched off for something called Wake On Lan (WOL), which allows computers to be turned on remotely, even when they are off. Coincidentally we have an app for that, check out iWake.


Why can't I scan 3G networks?

It's a privacy thing.


What is an IP address?

It's a means for computers connected to the internet to identify each other. A bit like a postal address is used to identify houses.


What is a MAC address?

It's something that makes the IP address system work. If an IP address is the postal address of a house, then the MAC address are its global coordinates.


What is the vendor?

It's the company which manufactured the network hardware for your machine.


Why doesn't the vendor match the maker of my laptop/computer.

Whilest the manufacturer whose name is stamped on you laptop/computer is the one who sold you the machine, the components inside it are not all necessarily manufactured by that same company. You are seeing the name of the company which manufactured the network hardware inside the machine, aka the NIC.


Is the scan detectable?

For those who know what they're looking for, yes. It is however a perfectly standard way of finding out whether machines are switched on or not, in fact the whole ICMP protocol has been built precisely for this purpose.


The app crashes when I ...

Please send us an email on support@goonbee.com describing what causes the crash and we will do our best to get the issue resolved ASAP.


I would love to see feature X in the app.

Send us an email on support@goonbee.com, we consider all suggestions and try to include the valuable ones in future updates. We really appreciate feedback from our users!